Celebrity Style Crush

Shhh – don’t tell Mr. Modern – but I have a crush….

I confess – I have a crush – of the fashionista kind.  I ♥ Sarah Jessica Parker and all her style fabulousness.  My crush began with her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw.  Back in the day I would tune into the newest episode of Sex and the City each week  just to see what would come out of Carrie’s closet.  So of course, with the curiosity of a stalker, I would search all the fashion mags and the fashion sites for what SJP was wearing in her real life.   To my delight she is just as fabulously fashionable in her real life as she was as her TV persona, Carrie Bradshaw.

SJP CollageI really love, that as celebrity mom, Sarah Jessica Parker looks great every time she leaves the house (or I should say at least every time I see her in a – smile the paparazzi’s here – photo).  Her look is casual chic when out with her kids and to me she looks like any other mom would look running her kids to school or to the grocery store.  Her daily life fashion choices are easy – jeans or casual pants, no heels and a versatile top or jacket plus she’s got great hair – what more can you ask for.

To follow in my celebrity fashion crushes footsteps these are some of the items in my closet that help me get out the door looking half as fabulous as SJP:

• Skinny Jeans/Skinny Pants – I can’t live without this staple in my closet.  Skinnies look great with flats, heels or boots – you can’t go wrong!

•  Blazers and Jackets – I have several in different colors and fabrics for the different seasons.  A blazer or a well fitted jacket can pull together a look without looking like you are trying.

•  Bootcut Jeans in a few washes – My favorite pairing with my jeans is with my converse sneakers, a vintage looking or logo t-shirt and my leather jacket or a casual blazer.

• Ballet Flats, Converse Sneakers, flat sandals and flat motorcycle style booties.

• Cocoon cardigans also have a special place in my closet (they have kind of replaced my hoodie collection)  The cardigan’s are very versatile and you can get them in all types of fabric to dress your outfit up or down.

Sarah Jessica Parker – I have a crush on you – and your closet.

Who’s your celebrity style crush?



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