Sample Sunday – Model Co Cheek and Lip Tint Beauty Review

My first Glossybox arrived and I can’t tell you how excited I was to open it up to see what was inside.
The item that first caught my attention in the Glossybox was the Model Co Cheek and Lips Tint. It was practically jumping out of the box at me with it’s bright pink and silver packaging. I had not heard of this product and had not seen the make-up line in any of my favorite beauty spots so I was curious.

The first time I tried the Cheek + Lips Tint I wasn’t sure what to expect so I read the directions of the box and gave it my best Modern Mom try. Well my beauty(ful) friends, the Cheek + Lips Tint is not for the faint of heart – the tint comes out of the tube in a purple color, stains your fingers the color of the tint, and you have to work (blend) fast or you end up looking like a ‘lady of the night’ if you don’t blend quickly. After my first attempt applying the tint on my cheeks I was not impressed.

Not ready to give up I decided to consult with the go-to for all things that I need to know – YouTube of course – for a tutorial to help me out. I found a short little video that showed the application of the tint. After I watched the video, I had my a-ha moment and I could see success in my future. In the tutorial they used a brush(not their fingers-which is what the box had said) to apply the tint to the cheeks. Well after using a make-up brush to apply the tint, the color effect on my cheeks was more than I expected. The color is amazing when it is applied properly (think rosy cheeks all day long) and lasts much longer than a blush does.

Quick Use Tips: • squirt a tiny little bit on the back of your hand • use your make up brush and swirl tint a bit on your hand • apply to the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with your brush • wash you hands right away – if the tint does not wash off use a bit of make-up remover.

Model Co tutorial that helped me out:

my glossybox Model Co Cheek + Lips



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