Magic Before My Eyes OR Should I Say Under My Eyes

Every morning I have to give thanks to my Yves St. Laurent Radiant Touch Highlighter Pen.  This little highlighting pen is the perfect solution to those  dark circles that have taken residence under my eyes and the highlighter definitely lives up to it’s miracle working reputation.  I had read a few reviews of the Radiant Touch highlighter pen and the reviews described the pen as ‘a magic wand’, ‘instant pick me-up’ and ‘rejuvenating and radiant’.   WoW!  After reading those fab taglines who wouldn’t want all that happening under their eyes – so I decided to try out the highlighting wand to see if my under eye circles would benefit.

A few days later, my highlighter pen in hand, I held my breath and hoped for the best.   The idea of the product is to brighten up the areas you want to conceal.  I know this sounds like a contradiction but seeing is believing.  The pen looks like a mascara wand with a brush on the end which dispenses and brushes the highlighter on the areas you want to highlight or in my case conceal.  I use the pen on my under eye circles after I apply my foundation, which seem to get the best results for my circles and then finish off with a powder.  The brush on the wand takes a little practice to use as it is sometimes hard to control the amount of product that comes out of the pen.   The brush allows me to apply the highlighter where I want it on my face and then I use my fingers to blend the rest in.  I have to say, that after my first application I am faithful user and believer in the ‘magic wand’.

Before and After



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