My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasures.  We all have a few…some we can share and some…. well some are better left in our closet.  I thought I would bring one of my guilty pleasures out of my closet this morning.

Hello, my name is Modern Mom.  My guilty pleasure is…..cute and furry animals…..on my shirts.  I can’t  help myself.  When I browse the racks of clothing and I see a shirt, sweater or tank with a cute little animal on it – I have to try it on.  There is something about that animal shirt, the one on the rack that I most likely owned and wore when I was 5 years old, and now I am getting ready to buy again in my 30’s.

I have to admit that I do take a little heat when I wear my sweet little animal tops.  Mr. Modern always has a little something  to say about my animal top and my Mini Moderns basically roll their eyes at me and say in their tween tone “please mom – you’re embarrassing us”.  The beauty of a guilty pleasure is that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks because it’s your love and not theirs.  So I continue to take my guilty pleasure out of the closet and wear with a happy heart knowing that I am one cool Modern Mom…in my cute and furry animal top.

What’s the guilty pleasure in your closet?

Animal Print Out of control



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