Sample Sunday – Living Proof Prime Style Extender Beauty Review

Sundays are our lazy days here in Modern Mom’s house.  If you come for a visit at lunch we all might still be in our pyjamas!  I find Sundays good days to try out some of the samples in my collection – with a little extra time to spend in the bathroom I can muck about and play with my products.

This week I tried out the Living Proof Prime Style Extender.  The product is a hair primer that is supposed to extend the wash time between shampoos and also ‘locks’ in your style to help you easily maintain your hair style until your next shampoo time.  My hair is longer and shampooing and blow drying everyday is time consuming, so I am a girl who jumps for joy if I find something that works that can help my hair get through a few more days without a complete wash in the shower.   Doesn’t everyone want to find a time saver in the morning?

I applied the Style Extender on my damp hair after my shower, blow dried, styled and put the product to the test.  The one gene that I inherited from my dad was oily hair – thanks dad.  Most often after a day or two my hair is a hot mess and needs a shampoo.  2 days, 3 days, 4 days flew by and my hair was still looking good – the fourth day was maybe pushing a little – I know my limits!

For me, this sample try out was well worth it.  It would also be fantastic to use before heading out on a short trip so I don’t have to worry about shampooing while I am away.  Less to pack in my cosmetics case means more room for shoes!



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