Making a Statement with Jewelry

Statement jewelry has me thinking.  Can I pull it off?  What could I possibly wear with that bejeweled necklace in the daytime so I don’t look like I missed my date for the prom?  I love the look when I flip through a magazine or see all the pretty necklaces in the store.  But is it for me?

Big jewelry is very trendy right now so I decided, to help me sleep better at night, that I should find an answer to my jewelry questions. So I spent an afternoon trying on different pieces of jewelry.  Little did I know, is that finding the right necklace is a little like trying on jeans.  If the fit is not just right….all can be lost!

Here is what I found on my search for my Statement Jewelry collection:

• You have to wear the right shirt or you will have to use your imagination (a lot).  I wore a V neck t-shirt that I thought I would most likely wear with the necklace designs that I am drawn to.  A sweater would also be a good option for trying necklaces on too.

• Not all necklace lengths will work for your body shape.  My biggest revelation was that if you have a larger bust – I love my DD’s but they sometimes don’t support my fashion desires – as I found that with a longer or heavier statement piece, the necklace will get ‘trapped’ in your cleavage and won’t come out!  The desired effect of the necklace is lost and the bejeweled cleavage takes over in not such a subtle way.

• Take a look at your closet before you leave the house and make some mental notes on the rainbow of tops in your closet.  As soon as I hit the jewelry rack and see all the fun colors I sometimes forget my colorful closet and happily buy some jewelry that does not multi-task with my closet.

•  Great places to shop for reasonably priced fashion statement jewelry are The Bay, Forever 21, H & M, Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca.

Statement jewelry was a step outside of this Modern Mom’s style comfort zone and I am so happy with the sparkly results of my search. Statement jewelry makes you ‘own’ your outfit.  The jewelry is like a great pair of heels – with height and sparkle – confidence follows!

Statement Jewelry



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