I’m A Glossy Girl!

I ♥ beauty samples of any kind.  You might call me a beauty sample junkie. On my visits to Sephora I will wait in the checkout line, giddy with anticipation, at the samples the beauty services rep will add to my bag.  Will the sample be for my face, make-up, nails, for my hair, a lotion?  “I can’t take it…give me my sample!”  I have discovered so many great product samples in my bag that I never would have tried if I had to purchase the product on an impulse.   Although I’m not saying that hasn’t happened before….

To help satisfy my sample addiction I found the perfect solution.  GLOSSYBOX is a fun way to try out samples for the sample junkie, such as myself.  The beauty of the box is that I don’t have to leave the house as my samples are delivered right to my mailbox each month. Glossybox uses my beauty profile and creates a box of samples unique to my profile, wraps them up in a glossy little box and sends the samples to me once a month.  All I can say is “Yes Please! Sign me up!”

My first Glossybox is on it’s way and I am anxiously waiting to receive my first box of samples.  All good things come those who wait.

Glossybox Collage


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